Author: Lukas Koster

Follow that library!

“Follow that car!” You all know this phrase from numerous movies when someone gets into a taxi and tells the driver to follow a car with the subject the person is tailing, and then the car chase scene begins. But this time I’m getting into your taxi and telling you to “Follow that library!”. October 1st is “Follow a library… Read more →

Wish you were here

It all started in Madrid during IGeLU 2008, in a bar at night.  A couple of participants talked about enriching lyrics of Beatles songs with Ex Libris product names. Maybe we could even perform at IGeLU 2009, with a group of people. But you know how it goes, next year we talked about it again…and again… So, I don’t know… Read more →

Happe.ning in Haarlem

On June 4, 2010, the 4th Dutch Library2.0 Happe.Ning event took place in Haarlem. This is a kind of un-conference that is un-organised by different groups of members of the Dutch library 2.0 online social network Bibliotheek2.0. This time the Happe.Ning was un-organised by people from my hometown Haarlem: Wilma, Jan, Peter, Ad, Janneke, Erik-Jan and myself. We work for… Read more →

Maastricht twip

No, it’s not a typo! I am using “twip” to describe a trip I made with people I met on Twitter. This time we went on a day trip to Maastricht with Wilma, Janneke, Ad, Neeltje, and Mieke. On the way we visited Dannielle at her place of work, Fontys library in Sittard. In Maastricht of course we visited the… Read more →

Ugame Ulearn 2010

April 1st (no joke!) I attended the UgameUlearn symposium in Delft, focused on user experience in libraries. Some first impressions: this symposium is totally different from all other library conferences I have been to: it’s a lot of fun, besides very interesting and inspiring. Four great speakers (David Lee King, Michael Edson, Gary Vaynerchuck on Skype, Michael Stephens), a catholic… Read more →


Last Sunday, first day of spring, March 21 2010, I visited the Dolhuys (“Mad house”) psychiatry museum in my hometown Haarlem, together with 4 people I actually got to know on line. All are working in libraries or information management and all are active on twitter, blogging etc: Wilma, Janneke, Erik-Jan, Peter. Apart from work-related things, we also have social… Read more →

Visit Ghent!

I was in Ghent, Belgium (or “Gent” in the original Dutch spelling) March 1 – 6 this year, for some IGeLU Steering Committee meetings, not the least with the local University of Ghent Library organising committee of the IGeLU 2010 conference. But also for Datasalon 4. Of course I visited a number of bars and restaurants, which may be interesting… Read more →

Tel Aviv Shabbat

Four months after my first visit to Israel, in Jerusalem, I was given the opportunity to go to Israel again, this time to Tel Aviv for the Ex Libris System Seminar 2009. Tel Aviv is a modern city, only 100 years old, located on the sea, far from the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. The allegedly 4000 years old port… Read more →