Wish you were here

It all started in Madrid during IGeLU 2008, in a bar at night.  A couple of participants talked about enriching lyrics of Beatles songs with Ex Libris product names. Maybe we could even perform at IGeLU 2009, with a group of people.

But you know how it goes, next year we talked about it again…and again…

So, I don’t know how it happened exactly, but this year I got the idea of adjusting the lyrics of the Pink Floyd song “Wish you were here” to the library and Ex Libris environment.  Somehow this worked. I asked Mark Dehmlow of Notre Dame University Hesburgh Libraries, who was one of the original partners in crime, if he was still interested, and he agreed to do it.

Here is the video of our performance made by Matthias Gross of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich. Apologies for the mistakes in the beginning. We practiced for hours and got it right in the end, but after a long and busy conference day we had some problems getting it going. For the lyrics scroll down to the background slideshow.

The guitars were provided by Patrick Hochstenbach and Saskia Scheltjens. And many thanks to the local organising team for helping making this happen.

Lyrics on Slideshare

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