Follow that library!

Follow that car!” You all know this phrase from numerous movies when someone gets into a taxi and tells the driver to follow a car with the subject the person is tailing, and then the car chase scene begins.

Mobile library van
Follow that library! © CARLOS62

But this time I’m getting into your taxi and telling you to “Follow that library!”. October 1st is “Follow a library day on twitter”. See the Follow a Library blog and twitter page.

The idea is to send one or more tweets promoting your favourite libaries on twitter using the hashtag #followalibrary.

The initiative was a small but steadily growing campaign until on September 16 Wilma published the short promo video with Michael Stephens that she made at the UgameUlearn Conference on April 1st this year. Then it really took off when Michael Stephens blogged about it on the ALATechsource website and on his own blog. And now also David Lee King’s promo video and blog jump in.

What is so amazing to me is that it started out with a simple comment by me

Follow that cart! © Photos o’ Randomness

on Wilma’s blog post (in Dutch) about the “Follow a museum” and “Follow an archive” campaigns. I said: “Wilma, hoe zit het met #followalibrary? 😉”, which is Dutch for: “Wilma, what about #followalibrary? 😉”. I really didn’t mean to start something, but Wilma replied: “Would be awesome to have a #followalibrary day. If you want to to start it, I’m in”. And then Poulus commented: “Both #followanarchive and #followalibrary are great ideas. I created a blog for both”.

And then there was no way back.

Cart chase © Lynnette Singh

Now there’s six of us: Ad, Edwin and Harriet got enthusiastic and  joined the team.

Six people from a small country (The Netherlands).

A global campaign for promoting libraries.

This is just to show that some great ideas just surface out of nowhere, and it only takes a small group of people taking action to get things going.

I still can’t believe it.

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