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I was in Ghent, Belgium (or “Gent” in the original Dutch spelling) March 1 – 6 this year, for some IGeLU Steering Committee meetings, not the least with the local University of Ghent Library organising committee of the IGeLU 2010 conference. But also for Datasalon 4.

Of course I visited a number of bars and restaurants, which may be interesting for IGeLU 2010 participants as well:

  • Mistral Brasserie – Near IBIS Opera hotel. Good food, Flemish and local specials, international, not too expensive.
  • Café Theatre – Near IBIS Opera hotel, in the Opera building. Very good food, not cheap.
  • Café des Arts – Opposite Café Theatre, nice and cosy restaurant/bar. Good food, Flemish and local specials, cheap.
  • Vier tafels (“Four tables”) – Very nice restaurant in old “Patershol” area. International fusion and local traditional cuisine. (Just learned: closed during IGeLU2010 for summer vacation!)
  • Kasserolleke – Nice restaurant in old paint seller shop on Vrijdagmarkt square. Good local food, not too expensive.
  • ‘t Gebed zonder Eind (“Endless Prayer”) – Small cosy bar/restaurant, near IGeLU 2010 venue. Good local and French cuisine. Cheap. Reservations necessary.
  • Bistro Bijloke – In concert hall in historical “Bijloke” hospital compound, old and new architecture.
  • Mondada – Very nice lunch place, opposite Ghent public library in shopping mall, not too far from IGeLU 2010 venue. All kinds of bread rolls, coffee, soup, salads.
  • Soup lounge – Near Vrijdagmarkt square and Patershol. For lunch: large bowl of soup with bread and fruit for €6
  • Het Salon – Lunch restaurant just around the corner of Ghent University Library, not too far from IGeLU 2010 venue. Soup, salad, bread rolls. Students and University Library staff.
  • Quetzal Chocolate Bar – All kinds of chocolate food and drink. Just around the corner of Ghent University Library, not too far from IGeLU 2010 venue.
  • De Dulle Griet – On Vrijdagmarkt square. More than 250 types of drinks, mostly beers.
  • Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant – (“The waterhouse on the beerside”). Lots of beers.
  • Het Oeverloze Eiland (“The shoreless island”) – In Patershol area. Something between bar, lounge and snack restaurant. Nice.

Update August 17, 2010

  • OR Coffee – On Walpoortstraat 26, almost opposite “De Vooruit”. Coffee, lunch, and free WiFi!
  • Multatuli – Huidevetterskaai 40,  a bit out of center. Very nice location and food. Closed on Mondays.

Update August 25, 2010

Update August 26, 2010

  • ‘t Klokhuys – In Patershol area, near Vrijdagmarkt Square. Good local food. Try the “zurkelplets”. Lots of clocks.

Update August 28, 2010

  • Het Dreupelkot – Very nice selection of all kinds of Belgian “jenevers” (“Dutch gin“). Just ask the people behind the bar what to sample.

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